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I made it home safe and sound, obviously. It was a long long day... mostly because I was leaving at 5pm, east coast time and getting back to Bend at 1am... I had been going to bed around 10:30 or so while I was at my aunts. So needless to say, it was late for me. But of course I stayed up with Richard until... what was it... 4am or so? Totally worth it, I must say. And it was so nice to be back with him and have him in my bed. :)

Richard and my mother met me at the airport. Richard standing there with orange lilies... such a sweet man. Before I left he asked me what my favorite flower was, I thought about it for probably the first time ever and came up with the Tiger Lily. Seeing as they're out of season, he couldn't get those for me and instead bought me the gorgeous orange lilies. A man that actually got me something that's not a rose, thank god. :)

He also gave me the surprise that's been killing me for the past two weeks or so. :) A very pretty rose quartz heart. It's a translucent pink and so pretty. What he didn't know when he bought it is how much it would mean to me. I have always had a strange attraction to stones... and hearts. Rose quartz and hematite have always been my favorite stones... and I went through a phase where I wouldn't go anywhere without one. So needless to say, he did good. :)

Not to mention that in Wicca rose quartz is a soothing stone. It's said to promote balance and healing. It's supposed to help with the release of negative energies. Something I could use right about now. He may not have known that but I do. :) I'm not so much into Wicca anymore but I do believe that there are special qualities to things in nature. Rocks, stones and gems being a natural thing (most of the time) I think there's something to it. But besides all of that, it was a very sweet surprise. And it shows that he loves me. I've never had that before and it makes me all the happier to be with him.

I love him so much. :)

So now I just need to get over the jet lag, which is hitting me hella hard. It wasn't bad going to the east coast... but coming back? Oh my god. It's taking longer than I thought to kick it. And now my whole body is all stiff and sore. Now there's one possible reason for that but we're not going to get into that... hopefully it'll get better soon so I can truly enough being back in my baby's arms. :)

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